Code Description
ACTIV KR Corten activator
AXX 204-M Universal detergent
AXX 711 Panel cleaner
AXX 728 Ferrous material degreaser for tumblers and augers
AXX 9998 Neutral degreaser for hard surfaces
DOLLCLEAN 901 Multipurpose alkaline degreaser
DOLLCLEAN 915 Heavily alkaline multi-purpose heavy-duty degreaser strongly attacks light alloys
DOLLCLEAN DW 945 Dewatering oil base
DOLLCLEAN EC 960 Multi-purpose degreaser for all metals
DOLLCLEAN MT 920 Concentrated degreaser for car washing with automatic systems
DOLLCLEAN MT 921 Multi-purpose alkaline degreaser for manual use or with high pressure lance
DOLLCLEAN MT 925 Alkaline degreaser for ferrous material for high pressure lance applications
DOLLCLEAN MT 926 Industrial floor washer degumming action
DOLLCLEAN MT 950 Water-dilutable high-boiling solvent for cleaning water-based paint spray guns
DOLLCLEAN MT 952 Multimetal degreaser for mop applications
FLUIMOTOR 6415 Degreaser
SBLOK L Unlocking lubricant
SOLDER 42 Flux
SOLDER F9 Powder deoxidizer for brazing
SOLDER F15 Powder deoxidizer for brazing
SOLDER HD Paste deoxidizer for steel brazing
SOLDER SF 1 Liquid deoxidizer for steel brazing
STEEL L Steel protective cleaner
U.B.T. 46 Alkaline degreasing scrubber drier
U.B.T. 3406 Two-phase degreaser pressure washers
U.B.T. 6099 Degreasing detergent
WELD A 31 Non-silicone weld anti-spatter